Marmite roasties love them or hate them (SW friendly)

Its the age old problem, Marmite? love it or hate it? I confess I'm a lover of this savoury yeasty spread and when I saw this on a unofficial slimming world page had to have a try of it. (Sorry cant find the original poster of the recipe but I thank you) . Easy as anything and very savoury, I made them to go with a roast chicken dinner...yumm

Marmite roasties

1 bag new potatoes ( I used anya potatoes)
1 tbsp marmite
spray oil

Boil the potatoes for 5 minutes in salted water then drain and add the tbsp of marmite, Place a lid on and shake the pan well so the marmite melts onto the potatoes.

Tip into a roasting tin and spray with oil then roast on 220/ 425/ gas 7  for 30 -40 minutes until roasted and brown. Serve hot

(Actually I just went out to the kitchen and pinched one cold and its quite tasty too :  )

Syn free on extra easy...enjoy xx