Tuesday, 5 November 2013

syn free tasty oxo roast potatoes (slimming world friendly)

Like everyone I love roast potatoes but they are of course usually so high in syns due to the fat content. This method of making them leaves them crispy and really tasty, I'm sorry I can't credit the author of the original recipe I've seen it on various sites and was intrigued. You'd think the potatoes would go soggy but they don't.

They were a big hit with the family too always a bonus so not cooking separately for everyone else. I would leave them in the oven a little longer next time until browner I cooked them for 45 minutes as was pushed for time but next time will do them longer probably give them an hour.

I'm sorry the amounts are vague but it will depend on the size of your roasting tin and how many you are making.

Syn free tasty oxo roast potatoes

1 pint stock (from an oxo cube beef/chicken or veg whatever you want, might need more or less depends on the size of the roasting tin)

peeled potatoes (enough to fill the roasting tin you are using)

spray oil

Boil the potatoes  for 5 minutes in salted water then drain.

Place the potatoes in the roasting tin and pour in the stock until about halfway up the potatoes.

Spray the tops of the potatoes with spray oil and place in hot oven gas 8/ 450/230 and baste with the stock every 15 minutes or so, roast until brown and crispy and the stock has disappeared. Takes about 45 minutes to an hour.

Syn free :).


  1. Thanks so much for this post! Going to give this a try at the weekend :)
    p.s. your blog gave me inspiration to start up my weight loss journey again.


    1. Thank you! All the best for your journey xx

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  3. i tried these tonight and was pleasantly surprised. I admit to be being dubious that they would be as good as the real thing (ie fat smothered) but they were actually better. The stock gave them a really nice flavour. Even hubby liked them and he hates anything that's not cooked in fat! I won't ever be going back to the old method. Thanks. I'm looking forward to trying more of your recipes soon.

  4. Tried these the other night. They didn't look as nice as yours. The bottom of the potatoes were very brown from the stock. The stock all evaporated away and had to top up with water twice. Also made a terrible mess of my baking tray! Having said all that ........ they did taste quite nice. Good idea for anyone that doesn't have an actifry. Just off to try the beef curry :o)

  5. I love these roast potatoes. I made them to go along with the Christmas dinner and now everyone is a convert. I made two batches. One to be eaten straight away and one to keep for lunch the next day. I really do think that they are lovely reheated and crisped in their beefy stock brilliance. I hope you don't mind, I have put a link to this page on my blog along with a picture of my potatoes. Please message me if you do not want this link and I will delete it.

  6. I'm so happy you love them and I don't mind at all xx

  7. Trying these for the first time today.