Old fashioned faggots (Slimming World friendly)

This is proper comfort food, They are easy to make and taste so good, Nothing better now the evenings are drawing in than a warming plate of faggots, peas and mash.

I know they aren't traditional in the sense that they don't have the fat layer on the top but even though lost the fat they have kept all the flavour. I used minced beef but you can use lean pork mince if you prefer.

Old fashioned faggots

500g extra lean minced beef
100g lambs liver
100g lean smoked bacon medallions
2 slices wholemeal bread (from a small loaf)
1 onion
2 tsp dried thyme
2 tsp dried sage
1 tsp each salt and pepper
low calorie spray oil

Place the bread in a food processor blitz to crumbs then take them out and set aside. Place the onion in the food processor and blitz until finely chopped then add the liver, bacon, herbs, salt and pepper and blitz and then add the breadcrumbs back in and blitz briefly to mix all together.

Place the minced beef in a bowl and then add the mixture from the food processor and mix very well. I do this by hand so you keep the texture of the minced beef.

Place large spoonfuls of the mixture into rough ball shapes so to make 12 faggots. (If you have one use an ice cream scoop that's what I use makes it a bit easier to shape)

Spray a rectangular baking dish or small roasting tin with the spray oil then place the faggots in the dish.

Bake on gas 4/ 180/350 for 1 hour until browned.

Faggots are 1/2 syn each on Slimming World



  1. Hi I love faggots and used to make them a lot before I started this diet. Is it the same syns if I use pigs liver and instead of bread and herbs use dried safe and onion stuffing mix ..thanks Melanie x

  2. The liver is ok but you would have to syn the stuffing mix xx

  3. How did you make the gravy and how many syns for that please?

    1. The gravy is Bisto best onion gravy.

    2. If you chop up and boil an onion in a small amount of water and with two beef Oxo cubes until it is very soft, liquidise until smooth and then add boiling water to reach the required consistency, you will have onion gravy that is syn free. You could add some gravy browning if the colour is not as required.

  4. love all your recipes Vicki ............ please keep them coming

  5. Can you use anything to replace the liver?

    1. You could just use the mince but I think it wouldn't be the same but try it x

  6. Please can you tell me if these are freezable?

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