Creamy rice pudding ..slimming world friendly

How much do you love rice pudding ? So delicious and not slimming world friendly but I saw this recipe on a slimming world Facebook page and had to try it .You don't actually use any milk or cream but as weird as it sounds you cook the pudding rice in ....wait for cream soda!!!

Yep..sounds weird I know but it works... trust me :  )

Creamy rice pudding

6oz pudding rice (or use risotto rice like arborio if cant get pudding rice)
1 litre diet sugar free cream soda (got mine in ASDA)
2 vanilla flavour muller light yogurts
1 tsp vanilla extract (if liked)

Place rice in saucepan and add the diet cream soda and bring to the boil then simmer until almost all the liquid is absorbed and the rice is cooked and soft.

Take off the heat and leave for a few minutes then add the yogurts and vanilla extract and mix very well. I prefer to serve it cold but you can warm it up but dont re boil it.

Syn free on green and extra easy ...


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