Quiche (slimming world friendly )

Now Summer is finally here (hopefully) have begun taking my lunches into work again. Packing a salad is an easy option but gets boring with just ham or something like that , This quiche has no pastry base which makes it syn free and by using cottage cheese in the filling you do get a cheese flavour without using any syns. I don't mind the bits of cottage cheese in it but if you prefer a smoother filling you can blend it first. I used natural cottage cheese but you can use one with onion and chives in it or any other flavour you fancy (not pineapple please ...ugh) I just used spring onions and ham for this one but you can add any vegetables or meat you like. Red peppers, mushrooms, leftover cooked meats are all good but beware using red onion it tends to make it turn black it still tastes fine but doesnt look so appetising! I made mine in a square silicone container (only a cheap one from a pound shop) so it comes out easily but if you are using a tin or a dish I'd line it first with baking paper because they do tend to stick. It seems like a lot of eggs but it does make six good size portions.

Syn free quiche

6 large eggs
1 large tub (300g) of virtually fat free cottage cheese
6-8oz ham or cold meats (chopped)
4 large spring onions (chopped) or any vegetables you fancy
salt and pepper

Mix the eggs and cottage cheese in a large jug and season well with salt and pepper. Blend it if you want a smoother texture. Pour over the ham and vegetables in the dish and bake on gas 5/375/190 for approximately 45 minutes until brown on top.

Syn free : )

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