Manchester Smokehouse and cellar - A review

I am a self confessed BBQ fanatic not in the sense of a back garden burnt sausage variety but the US style of low and slow like brisket smoked for hours until juicily tender, ribs and chicken tasty with rubs and smoked with love and attention. I am an enthusiastic amateur and bow down to the skill of the Pitmasters (and Mistresses) who know exactly how to control the fire and smoke necessary for great BBQ and so was very excited to have the chance to visit the new Manchester Smokehouse and cellar during a recent visit to see my daughter who is now living in the city.

The Smokehouse is housed in the city centre and was easy to find, My daughter was rather taken with the cow outside the premises as you can see and then on going inside found it to be a great space, A large light and airy room with a warm lighting which felt welcoming and cosy on a wet night.

The waiter was really friendly and we sat at the back of room near the door so had a good look at the whole room which was pleasantly busy on a Thursday night. We ordered a variety of items and we were spoilt for choice there was so much good sounding items on the menu. We had brisket and burnt ends for us to share and then my husband ordered beef rib, I ordered baby backs and my daughter wanted the prawns which unfortunately weren't available that day but the waiter recommended the monkfish skewer and we also had sweet potato fries, smothered fries and onion rings.

O-M-G it was incredible the brisket and burnt ends were so tender it was unbelievable the flavour was so good I give up on ever being able to produce anything like that at home. They were served with traditional  light crunchy pickled vegetables which were the perfect accompaniment for the rich meat.  The baby back ribs were everything I hoped they would be gorgeously tender and just coming away from the bone with a tasty rub they were so good. My husbands beef rib was delicious, tender and full of flavour. You could tell the quality of the meat as well as the care that had been taken to cook it I know from smoking meats myself how hard it is to get it just right. The side dishes were really amazing too the smothered fries, sweet potato fries were fab and you can see from the pic the size of the onion rings (where do they get their enormous onions from??) My daughter really enjoyed the monkfish skewer she said it was perfectly cooked really fresh and light.

We were way to full for dessert but did manage to fit in a few cocktails which were lovely I had the espresso martini and have to say one of the best I have ever had it was not too sweet which is always good and my daughter loved her porn star martini and her 'apple of my eye' cocktail (You can tell Mum was paying for dinner!)

I was able to talk to Jason Latham the Pitmaster of the Smokehouse while we were there I have 'spoken' online to him previously and he was so friendly in person, He explained they had only been open for 9 weeks and he has big plans to extend the space even more which gives me a even better reason to visit again. You can tell he is a perfectionist and wants everything to be just right and was saying about the quality of the meat he uses and when he said  the hours he has put in to make the place work it's clear the man really has the passion for BBQ.

I really enjoyed our time there and will definitely be back and if you are ever in Manchester make sure you pay the place a visit.

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