Lemon and thyme chicken (Slimming World friendly)

Chicken again? Well yes but its such a versatile meat and this recipe is another one that is so simple to make and a great after work dinner . I used fresh lemons because I had them in and it makes it look prettier but if you only have bottled lemon juice in then it's ok to use that too .Whatever makes life easier :)

Lemon & Thyme Chicken

8 chicken thighs (skinned and excess fat removed)
2 lemons (1 sliced and one cut in half and juice squeezed over chicken)
1 red onion (sliced)
1 tsp dried thyme
1 clove crushed garlic 
salt and pepper
spray oil

Place the chicken thighs in an ovenproof dish and place slices of onions and lemon on top and between the chicken.

Sprinkle over the thyme, Drizzle over the lemon juice, salt and pepper and dot over the crushed garlic. Spray lightly with the spray oil.

Bake at Gas 5 /190/375 for 30-40 minutes ( every now and then spoon over the juices ) cook until the chicken is browned and sticky.

Syn free on extra easy and red. 

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