BBQ monkfish skewers (Slimming World friendly)

Anyone who knows me well knows I am a bit of a BBQ fanatic and even though I made these on the BBQ they do very well in the oven or under the grill. When I BBQ or even simply grilling at home one product I often use to add lots of flavour to my meals are BBQ rubs. They add tons of flavour to any simple meat or fish without loads of syns.

 You can make your own and there are lots of recipes online or there are loads on the market ready made my favourites are Quiet Waters Farm rubs  , Angus & Oink   and Countrywoodsmoke (Just click on the words to take you to their websites) Some do contain sugar as well as the spices so need to be counted as syns but as you use only a spoonful for a meal to serve four I usually just count 1/2 syn per portion . For this recipe I used the Quiet Waters Farms 'El Jefe' which is a Mexican style rub that I trialled for them and it was delicious on this recipe. It also means you don't have to worry about seasoning the skewers as it does it all for you.

I use metal skewers which are easy to buy in any supermarket you can use wooden if you like but soak them in water before hand so they don't burn. I love using monkfish on skewers as it's such a firm meaty fish but it is expensive, This recipe means a little goes a long way but you could of course use any firm fleshed fish like cod or even salmon if you prefer.

Skewers are also a great way of getting loads of speed vegetables in your meals. I used peppers and onion here but you can use courgette, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes or any vegetable that doesn't take long to cook. Fish cooks quickly on the BBQ and in the oven so it doesn't take long to make these I often prepare the veg in the morning to make later then you just put it on the skewers.

BBQ Monkfish skewers

500g monkfish (skinless and boneless cut into chunks)
2 peppers (any colour cut into chunks)
1-2  red onions (peeled and cut into quarters and separated into pieces)
1 tbsp BBQ rub (whichever you prefer)
Low calorie spray oil

Place the fish chunks into a large bowl and mix in the BBQ rub then thread the skewers starting with a piece of onion then just add the onions, fish and peppers until the skewer is full finish with a piece of onion. Spray the skewer with a little oil and then BBQ until the fish is cooked and brown vegetables are done this will only take about 10  minutes make sure you turn them halfway through and keep an eye on them so they don't burn.

They also cook just as well under the grill or if using the oven it would be a hot oven Gas 7/ 220/425.

Serve with rice and salad.

Makes 4-6 skewers and count 1 syn per portion.

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