Easy syn free chicken chow mein

Here is another super quick after work dinner, I really think the secret to making good tasty chinese food at home is to use the ginger and garlic base which is a pain to chop and crush/peel ginger and garlic but I love to use frozen ginger and frozen garlic. The jarred stuff is not so nice but frozen is so easy to use no mess or anything and makes a massive difference to the flavour and always on hand it's usually available at larger supermarkets. 

Bags of stir fry vegetables again save time and also when making a chicken chow mein  I buy chicken thighs and  and cut them into strips with scissors rather than buying packs of chicken stir fry strips which can be expensive.

Chinese takeaways are expensive and this can be made at home really quickly in fact by the time you could have phoned to order it you could be eating it : ) 

Chicken chow mein

500g chicken thighs all fat removed and cut into strips
1 pack stir fry mixed vegetables
2 cloves crushed garlic
2 tsp grated fresh ginger
(or use frozen like I do no need to defrost previously)
3 tbsp soy sauce
200g dried medium egg noodles.

Cook the noodles according to pack instructions, Drain well and then rinse in cold water, drain again and set to one side.

Heat a wok or large frying pan with a little low calorie spray oil until hot then add the chicken and stir fry for about 5 -10 minutes until cooked , Add the garlic and ginger and keep stir frying for another minute or two,

Add the stir fry vegetables and the soy sauce and stir fry for another  3-4 minutes then add the cooked noodles and stir fry everything mixed well together .

Serves 4 and is  Syn free on extra easy : ) 

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