Oxo roast potatoes (Slimming World friendly)

I really thought I had already posted this recipe years ago but can't find it so I have redone this post. Roasting potatoes this way leaves them soft on the inside, Full of flavour but still with a crispy outside. 

The other thing I like to do is vary the stock used as to what meat I am cooking so use chicken stock when making a roast chicken or beef stock when cooking beef and of course you can use vegetable stock if you are catering to vegetarians. It doesn't have to be oxo stock either any stock will be fine. 

It's hard to be exact with quantities as depends how many potatoes you are roasting but I always make more as these are delicious as leftovers too. 

Oxo roast potatoes 

1 kg (or more) of peeled potatoes cut into chunks
1 pint stock (from a cube or stockpot) 
low calorie spray oil 

Turn your oven onto gas7/425/220, Place the potatoes into a roasting tin and pour the stock in until half way up the potatoes (you might not need all the stock) . Spray the top of the potatoes with spray oil and roast until the stock has evaporated and the potatoes are crispy. 

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