Announcement: I Am Changing My Blog

 Hey all,

Vicki here, feels weird to be saying this after all this time but I have made the decision to stop subscribing to Slimming World this year. I have had a wonderful time in the community and have made friends for life however at 54 years old I feel it is time for a change. 

Because of this, going forward my blog will not be Slimming World focussed. Don't worry! All my old recipes will be still online and available. If anything, I feel excited to be able to broaden my horizons and share with you all different recipes I love that I wasn't able to before.

As well as healthy eating, this blog will now share barbecue recipes, baking recipes, and my classic home cooking favourites - while these may not be Slimming World friendly, I can assure you they are delicious. 

Thank you for sticking by me for all these years and I appreciate every comment, share and every time someone has reached out to say they enjoyed one of my recipes. I hope you like my new ones too.


Vicki Jones

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