One pan Sunday roast dinner

This has got to be the easiest way to make a roast dinner, I thought I'd make this yesterday as was working all day and wanted to make an easy dinner when I got in. I used thin lean pork chops but you can also use chicken or steak whatever meat you like really. I used sage as my herb of choice as I like it with pork but thyme is good with chicken or beef too.

To make things even quicker I used packs of fresh casserole vegetables (bought mine in Aldi and even better were 30% off) these included new potatoes, carrots, leeks , onion and swede. I also put in a few extra new potatoes too and added some asparagus near the end of cooking as my son loves it. 

Of course you can peel and chop up your own mixture of vegetables but make sure you cut them chunky as they are in the oven a good while. 

One pan Sunday dinner 

2 x packs fresh casserole vegetables (or peel and chop what vegetables you like)
250g new potatoes 
1 pack asparagus (if liked) 
pork chops or meat you prefer 
1/2 pint stock (from a cube is fine) 
2 tsp dried sage 
spray oil 
salt and pepper 

Preheat oven to gas 6 /200/400 

spray a large roasting tin with the spray oil then add the vegetables ( but not the asparagus) spray well with the oil add salt, pepper and the sage and mix everything together very well. 

Roast the vegetables for an hour turning them over every so often then lay the meat on top of the vegetables, pour over the stock, season again with the salt, pepper and sage, spray again with the oil and roast for another 30 minutes turning over once or twice . 

Add the asparagus and roast for another 20 or 30 minutes depending how thick the asparagus is. Serve with some of the pan juices poured over the top.

Serves four with leftovers 


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