Spicy sweet potato fries (slimming world friendly)

I love making these they are really quick and delicious as a side dish or as a snack, I dip them in my syn free ketchup, the recipe for that is here .  They are very simple to make you don't even need to peel them which is always a bonus : ) I used the hot paprika but you can use the mild or smoked or any spices you like even a little curry powder is good.

Spicy sweet potato fries

2 large sweet potatoes
low cal spray oil
salt and pepper
1 tsp (or more) of hot paprika.

Slice the potatoes lengthways and then cut each half into chips you can do them skinny or chunky whichever you prefer.

Place in a roasting tin and spray with the oil, season well with salt and pepper then add the paprika and mix together very well. Spread them out in an even layer then cook in a very hot oven Gas 8 / 450/ 230 for about 20 minutes (give them a stir around about halfway through)

Syn free :)

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