I know I never really use much butter in my slimming world recipes but I've been thinking about that. I recently stopped buying low fat spreads as I have recently discovered in reality they are really not THAT different in syns to butter and the taste difference is incredible.

Most low fat spreads are 1- 1 1/2 syns a teaspoon

Butter is 2 syns a teaspoon

 Hardly any difference!!

I have noticed some of these spreads also have all sorts of oils and additives and was considering that when I'm cooking from scratch I should try and use good products as much as possible. So not a very long blog post but just wanted to put it out there. If a recipe calls for even a tablespoon of butter which may well be a what seems high 5 1/2 syns if that recipe serves 4 people then it's only just over one syn per person and the flavour will be so much better.

I also bake for friends and family luckily enough I don't have  sweet tooth and I always use butter for baking as it does give a superior bake in taste and in results. I was lucky enough to be given a new butter to try lately called Softer Butter and it's amazing. The butter is 100% butter no added oils which is what is usually added to make butters spreadable and I have no idea why it's softer it just is,

I was baking for Macmillan coffee morning for work and was making Creamy lemon oat bars (NOT Slimming World friendly!!) for a good cause and I forgot to take the butter out of the fridge to cream it with the sugar, flour and oats to make the bars base. In the past I would have microwaved it for a few  seconds but you run the risk of melting it too much. So, A good chance to try the SofterButter and it really worked! I put it in the KitchenAid straight from the fridge and it mixed beautifully I really didn't expect it to but I was impressed.

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