Blooming onion (Slimming World friendly)

I have had these onions in BBQ places and some restaurants over the years but they are always deep fried which is of course delicious but definitely not Slimming World friendly. 

When I first thought about making this a lot of the recipes online involved breading and battering which again would be high in syns.  I tried a few versions before making my own with cajun seasoning and flour so while not syn free it's not bad but make sure to check which cajun seasoning you use as some do have syns. I  cooked this in my airfryer  but you could do it in the oven too and I served this with my homemade Ranch dressing and you can find the recipe for that by clicking here 

Blooming Onion 

1 large onion

1 tbsp cajun seasoning 

1/2 tbsp flour 

low calorie spray oil 

Peel the onion and cut off the top but leave root end attached, Just trim the root end and turn the onion so the root end is face up. 

Put your finger on root end and put the knife in NOT cutting through the root and cut straight downwards and repeat at 2cm intervals all the way around the onion then turn it over and gently separate the layers (There are loads of videos on YouTube showing how to cut the onion if you find a visual easier)

Spray the onion and the airfryer or a baking tray and place the onion down. Mix the flour and cajun seasoning together and sprinkle it into every layer, Spray again and place in airfryer or a hot oven for ten minutes, Take out of the airfryer or oven and spray again and put back for another ten minutes. 

Check it after this if it's looking brown as in the picture then it's done but you might need to pop it back in for a little longer as ovens and air fryers vary. 

1 syn for the whole onion and the ranch dressing is free. 

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