French onion soup (Slimming World friendly)

This is a really easy, tasty soup but I warn you it takes ages to make. It's not hard work at all but just a slow process to very slowly cook the onions until they caramelise to a dark golden loveliness. I often make it when I'm home anyway as you just have to stir it occasionally.

It's a perfect soup to grab a bowlful while you are making dinner when you come in from work starving or late at night when hungry as it's not heavy but light and full of flavour.

I like to use the big Spanish onions as I think they are a bit sweeter than the regular brown onions but you can use those if that's what you have it will still be delicious.

French onion soup

2-3  large Spanish onions (peeled and sliced as thinly as possible)
2 pints beef stock (made with three stockpots or stock cubes)
1/2 tsp dried thyme (or a few sprigs fresh thyme)
low calorie spray oil
salt and pepper

Take a large heavy based saucepan or cast iron casserole dish and put it on a very low heat on the hob. Spray well with the spray oil and then add the onions and thyme and leave it alone for five minutes.

Gently stir the onions and repeat the waiting and stirring every five minutes until the onions are deep golden in colour and caramelised. It does take ages up to half an hour or more but it's the slow gentle cooking that gives the wonderful flavour.

Add the stock and increase the heat to a simmer and cook for fifteen minutes. Add 1/2 tsp each of salt and pepper mix in well and taste. It might need more salt and pepper as it depends how strong the stock and onions are.

Serves 4 and is syn free

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